Tone Kittelsen

Chance To Dance



Ravnedans is a festival for contemporary dance based in Kristiansand, Norway. The festival have been arranged since 2010 and takes place from 8. - 13. July in 2017.Tone is one of the founders, curators and currently project leader and producer of the project.


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How To Solo


How to solo is a concept where dancers get together with their own solowork and work together in the same room. Is is a place for dancers to develop their own work together with others and to discuss and get to know how to make solo.


What is solowork?

How to start?

How to develop?

How to perform?

How to solo?


It is a place where you bring yourself, your thoughts to work, watch people work or start planning your next or first work. It is a low-key place where we open up to present your idea in front of a small audience or get feedback on your ideas, or just to be.


How To Solo was established by Tone Kittelsen and had the first session at Scenehuset in Oslo Norway February 13 2016.


The concept take place once a month at Scenehuset.